Sports Medicine

At Colorado Orthopaedics we aim to get you back to your activity as soon as possible whether you are an elite athlete or simply exercising for health. Approximately 90% of sports injuries are non-surgical. We offer the latest in technology to diagnose and treat these injuries both non-operatively and, if needed, with surgery.

Common examples of sports medicine conditions and treatments include:

  • Acute injuries (ankle sprains, muscle/tendon strains and tears, and fractures)
  • Overuse injuries (rotator cuff, tennis elbow, tendonitis, stress fractures)
  • Medical and injection therapies for osteoarthritis (cortisone, viscosupplementation and PRP)
  • Need for ultrasound imaging to diagnose or treat sports injuries
  • Tennis injuries, including treatment of recalcitrant tennis elbow
  • Runner evaluation, including teaming with physical therapist for gait analysis/training
  • Cyclist evaluation, including teaming with physical therapy for bike fitting
  • Swimmer evaluation, including teaming with physical therapy for analysis of stroke technique
  • Dancer evaluation and treatment
  • Golf injuries including teaming with physical therapists for swing analysis
  • Sports pre-participation exam
  • Concussion (return to play decisions)
  • Medical issues in athletes (exercise induced asthma etc.)
  • Workup for the fatigued athlete
  • Female athlete triad

We work with all athletes, elite, collegiate, high school and recreational. Our physicians have experience treating athletes at all levels and sports.

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