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Our Patient, Sean, Discusses His Experience After Tourniquetless Total Knee Replacement.

  “ Dr. Xenos did a bilateral knee replacement for me in February of 2014. I have never had such an amazing experience. Dr. Xenos is the best Orthopaedic surgeons in the United States. We are blessed to have a Dr. of his compassion, knowledge and expertise in Colorado. I and my husband drive three and half hours one way for treatment. Dr. Xenos's staff are as professional, compassionate and attentive as he is. Dr. Xenos just replaced my husband's ACL less than a week ago. We will not have another orthopaedic Dr. provide us services. When you have found excellence in a Dr. and his staff you don't want anything else. I would and do highly recommend Dr. Xenos for all your orthopaedic needs. Dr. Xenos gave me my life back and I am now able to do anything that I wish. My husband and I have the highest regard and respect for Dr. Xenos and his staff. ”  

- Debbie B. -

  “ Hi Dr. Xenos. Great to hear from you! I am doing fantastic (thanks to you)! Since undergoing the hip arthroscopy, I've experienced a huge improvement in my quality of life and am able to do now many of the things I wasn't able to prior to the surgery. I've resumed hiking, biking, running, and am now taking Zhumba classes. Last June I ran the Stadium Stampede 5K at Mile High Stadium. I went on to run the Heart and Sole 10K in Boulder in August. My long-term goal for 2012 was to complete a half-marathon, however, I had a little setback with my knee and had to do some PT and reduce my mileage temporarily. (I'm still planning on getting that half-marathon knocked out though!) While it's nice to be able to participate in sports and activities, the surgery has also had a big impact on my daily life. Simple things like walking the dog, cleaning the house, or sitting at my desk, or driving, I'm now able to do without any pain and discomfort. The RSD has presented some challenges along the way - after exploring different routes - medication, physical therapy, and acupuncture, I discovered the key to keeping the RSD at bay is to exercise regularly at high intensity. As soon as I start to slack off (skip an exercise session), it rears its head. So it keeps me motivated to keep active! Surprisingly, I get better and longer/more sustained pain relief from exercise than I ever did with pain medication. (After a run, I normally don't have any RSD pain for at least 3 days.) Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to you and for everything you've done for me. The five years prior to my surgery were filled with pain, uncertainty, a sense of hopelessness, and tremendous frustration. I saw a countless number of doctors who sent me off on my way without any answers or treatment solutions and other doctors that were willing to treat me but were never successful. You were the one doctor who really dug in and took my concerns/case seriously. You had the knowledge and experience necessary to to get me back on my running feet! I feel like now I'm finally able to embrace, participate, and enjoy life. I want to sincerely thank you for all you've done. I am deeply grateful... words cannot express how much you have changed my life. Sincerely, Laura ”  

- Laura -

  “ Dr. Xenos, I am going on 10 years now on the hips you replaced for me at Walter Reed when I returned from my last trip to Iraq. I was attending the War College at Carlisle and both were replaced about 6 months apart. I haven't had one problem with them. Just wanted to say thanks. Jim Colonel, United States Army (Retired) ”  

- Jim -

  “ Dr Xenos, I just want to thank you for as good an experience as one could have under the circumstances. Your team is excellent, your implant feels pretty good in there, and I am making significant progress already. Thank you so much for your great work, John ”  

- John -

  “ Dr. Xenos. I wanted to let you know that I am back on the slopes and enjoying a great early season of skiing. I had a full knee replacement on June 23, and I was on the slopes November 16. The best is yet to come. I am experiencing no pain when skiing and no pain afterward. I am very happy with the new knee. On Sunday we had 14 inches of new snow, and I was able to enjoy it. Big change from last year. I would recommend your practice to anyone who wants to get back to an active lifestyle. Kind regards and happy holidays. ”  

- Andrew -

  “ Great visit with Dr Xenos and staff today. My hubby is in great hands! He didn't even Jersey Dr Xenos today... Hahaha ”  

- Francesca -

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